How to Get Cash for Your Junk Car

You probably have a vehicle that has been wrecked, cost more to repair than it is worth, has been sitting for a long time, or you have purchased a new automobile. Whichever the reason, you can quickly turn that old clunker into cash, and in most cases same day.

Junk The Clunker, pays cash for junk cars in all conditions and even without a title. When you call (407) 739-6724, you will quickly discover how much your junker in worth. After you agree to a selling price, we will then send a tow truck out to your vehicles location to remove the junk car for free.

Before we drive off, you will be paid cash. If your junk car does not have a title, instead of cash you will receive a check. We service all of Orlando, Florida and the surrounding cities. Give us a call today and find out how much you can sell your junk car for today!

Price Determining Factors

Junk The Clunker, purchases all junk cars and vehicle, however there are multiple factors that will determine how much cash you make from your clunker. Those factors are as follows;

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Does the Vehicle Run
  • Does the Vehicle Have a Title
  • Is the Vehicle Complete (Engine, Transmission, Etc)
  • Location of the Vehicle

Our goal is to offer you top dollar for your junk car no matter what the answer is to the above questions. The above is mentioned so you have a better understanding of how we put a dollar amount on your vehicle.

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready to Be Sold

When selling your junk car for cash to a buyer, you should clean out any personal belongings and remove the license plate if you would like to keep it. Also, if you have insurance on the vehicle, cancel the policy once the automobile is sold.

You should also have the title (if it applies) and keys ready for the driver. This will help ensure our process is efficient and that you get the cash you want quickly.

Get started today and turn your junk car or automobile into cash by calling (407) 739-6724 for a free quote. We service all of Orlando and Central Florida. Cash is paid same day or a check, if the vehicle does not have a title, and all junk cars are removed for free.