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Isuzu Pup

82 Isuzu Pup

Looking to sell your Isuzu Pup for more cash in Orlando or Central Florida? We pay more for your Isuzu, whether it is junk or not. You can quickly sell your vehicle with or without the title, by contacting us now.

At Junk The Clunker, we pay more for all types of Isuzu vehicles, in all types of condition. We understand as an owner, your goal is to get the most money for your vehicle. Our goal is to never lose your business over price and best of all, you can sell your vehicle in just minutes.

How Our Process Works:

  1. Call (407) 739-6724 for a no hassle quote. (We will ask you some basic questions about your Isuzu Pup and whether you have the title or not.)
  2. Set up an appointment for free removal. (You will have a few forms to fill out, such as a bill of sale and the title, if applicable.)
  3. Get paid cash for your vehicle. (Once our paperwork is complete, you will be paid, and your vehicle will be hauled off.)

Selling a Vehicle Without a Title

Selling your junk car or auto without a title is an easy process. However, instead of cash, you will be paid by a company check. The process for a selling a vehicle without a title is rather simple (the same as above), and best of all, you will still receive free removal. Contact us today for a no hassle quote and watch your Isuzu turn into fast money!

About The Isuzu Pup

The sale of Isuzu vehicles (Chevrolet LUV) was delegated to General Motors in March of 1972. The purpose of selling under the GM brand was to respond to the Datsun and Toyota pickup trucks entering the market. In 1982 the “LUV” was discontinued in favor for the S10 and thus began the Isuzu Pup.

After the success of Pup, additional Isuzu vehicles began to enter the market in 88, such as the Rodeo and TF (Hombre). The Isuzu Pup has since been discounted, but continues to live on throughout the United States and the World.