1990_isuzu_amigoWe Buy Isuzu Amigo’s for Top Dollar

Do you have a Isuzu Amigo sitting in your driveway, garage, or yard? No matter what happened to it, we can pay you cash! In most cases, we buy Amigo’s that have broken down, need more maintenance than the vehicle is worth, or has been wrecked. Whichever the reason you have, contact us today for a no hassle quote.

Junk The Clunker, will provide you free removal and top dollar for your Isuzu Amigo, with or without the title and in any condition. Our goal is never lose your business over price, while providing you the best customer service possible.

How to Sell Your Vehicle Today

  1. Contact us now and in just a few minutes, we can provide you with a quote based on a couple of basic questions. Even if you do not have the title to your vehicle, we can buy it from you.
  2. Set an appointment for the free removal of your vehicle. Once one of our tow truck drivers arrives at your vehicles location, we will fill out a few documents and begin the removal process.
  3. Get paid cash before we haul your vehicle off. All junk cars with a title are paid in cash and vehicles without titles are paid by company check.

We make selling your Isuzu Amigo a fast and friendly process. Get started today and find out how much your vehicle is worth in one simple phone call.

About the Isuzu Amigo

The Isuzu Amigo was first sold in the United States in 1989. The vehicle came standard with rear wheel drive, but was up-gradable to four wheel drive. As years went on with an unsatisfactory sales rate, in 1990 the Amigo was reintroduced into the market as the Isuzu Rodeo. The Rodeo had an engine manufactured by General Motors and just about the same engine specs as its predecessor.